42-year-old vigilante from Nebraska arrested for killing 30 pedophiles in murder spree

The man, dubbed a “hero” by locals, was caught attempting to kill a notorious child rapist by police who were responding to what they thought was an attempted robbery at an Omaha McDonald’s restaurant

                            42-year-old vigilante from Nebraska arrested for killing 30 pedophiles in murder spree

Joel Miller, 42, was trying to kill a notorious child abuser when he was caught by the cops. The authorities were responding to a call for attempted robbery behind a McDonald's in Omaha.

Miller was sitting on top of the rapist with his hands around the man's throat. Miller was apparently pleading with the police saying, "just give me one more minute, I've almost got him," but before he killed his victim, he was forced to back down at gunpoint.

He was arrested for assault and attempted murder but he told authorities that he killed more than 30 people already and all of those people were registered sex offenders.

'He went through something horrific himself'

Investigators said that Miller told them that he started the killing spree after he went through something horrific himself.

"I’ve been killing pedos and perverts for, damn, close to 15 years now. It started a few years back, after a girl I was dating was raped and murdered. I tracked the guy down myself, slit his throat. I realized I had a real knack for it after that, so I kept going."

Justice never prevailed but he kept a list of all the registered sex offenders. He started focusing on pedophiles after his friends' daughter was molested."

"A friend of mine – we go way back – his daughter was molested by his babysitter’s boyfriend."

"Everyone knew he did it. The police couldn’t prove it. The girl, she’s only 7, she clammed right up. Barely spoken since, and she won’t admit it. Well, I did the world a favor when I cut his d*ck off and rammed it down his throat."

Miller's only regret is that is that he wasn't able to kill the three other perverts on his list.

Even though what Miller did was for the 'greater good', he will probably be sentenced to death. 

NE Police Departments Chief Mizner says, "Although we can't condone vigilante justice, you can't help but ignore the positive effect it must have had on the community. If the suspect really did kill all of those known sex offenders, then he most likely spared a lot of innocent lives in the process. He understands the severity of what he has confessed to, but he seems to be at peace."

NEPD was told that the full investigation would take time because the crimes go back as far as 2002.

The Creep Catchers of Canada

In February of this year, a group in Canada was criticized for interfering with police work and calling innocent civilians, sexual predators.

Creep Catchers leader Dawson Raymond (left) with another member (Facebook)

Creep Catchers is a group of vigilante pedophile hunters and they have chapters across Canada. The members pose as underage children online and arrange meetings with would-be predators.

Raymond calls himself the 'original creep catcher' (Facebook)

They post screenshots of the conversations with the adults to call them out online and shame them on social media. They also take videos of the encounters and post them online.

Screenshots of a conversation leading up to a meeting (Daily Mail)

The most prominent members of this network of vigilantes have criminal records themselves and the police say that they do more harm than good.

Authorities say that these encounters can drive the predators to go underground making them harder to be arrested. The vigilantes are apparently seeking money and fame.

Calgary member Joel Catcher (Facebook)

Inspector Dave Dubnyk of Alberta’s Integrated Child Exploitation unit told W5, "What they’re doing is absolutely not protecting children in any way."

A pedophile, whom the police were preparing to arrest, disappeared after a meeting with the vigilante's and he has since been accused of molesting a baby and a toddler after that.

Raymond claims he has 'started a movement' (Facebook)

Staff Sergeant Stephen Camp of the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team's Integrated Child Exploitation Unit told Vice, "There's nothing good coming from this, nothing good at all, except for an emotional response that's very acute and very short-lived."

One more allegation that was made against the group says that they wrongly target people who have no history of child abuse.

The life of a 22-year-old boy was made into a living hell because a 15-year-old was invited over to his house. His parents say that he was profiled by the group extensively before their meeting.

The boy wept in a video confrontation saying, "I'm not a creep. I'm not a molester. I'm nothing." According to the boy's father, the group had used his son as 'cheap entertainment'.

The suicide of a transgendered woman, who killed herself after being targeted by the group, was blamed on Creep Catchers.

27-year-old Katelynn McKnight committed suicide last September after the vigilantes accused her of soliciting sex from a 14-year-old.

Katelynn McKnight killed herself after being targeted by the group (Facebook)

A disabled man with cerebral palsy was also targeted by the group and they were condemned by the public for sharing his identity online. The man said that he was told by the 'girl' he was chatting with that she was a 20-year-old escort.

Creep Catchers said in a CTV News interview that "mental disability or not, it needs to be out there." The man questioned why he was being entrapped after he arrived for the meeting.

Ryan LaForge being arrested after trying to place a man under citizen's arrest (Vancouver Sun)

Ryan LaForge, the Surrey Creep Catchers president, was in the middle of a confrontation or 'catch' (they videotape it and post it online) when he was arrested on 13th December. 

LaForge was apparently trying to put the victim under citizen's arrest when the man called the police and then ran away.

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