One would believe that people have to be trained to use the gun, receive a license before they fire, or use a gun without a license or training only for emergency self-defense purposes. However, statistics as compiled by Statista and other similar researchers are alarming enough to make us rethink the working of gun laws, steps taken to curb crime and how we might be encouraging terrorism instead.

Family mourning after loosing their loved ones in the Las Vegas tragedy (Getty Images)

72% of the US claim to have fired a gun at some point in their lifetime

More people have fired a gun in the US than have voted in the 2016 presidential election. Yes, you heard right, only 55% of adults voted in the 2016 presidential election whereas 72% of the country has fired a gun at some point in their lives. This hints at several abnormalities — swooping high crime rates, high illiteracy rates, and a skewed sense of priorities. 

39% of American houses report owning at least one gun

That is more than the number of households in America owning a cat, and double the number of households that include two married parents with children 

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2/3rd of gun owners own more than one gun

Within these gun owners, 29% own five firearms or more. This would be twice the average number of people per American household, as studied after the Las Vegas shootings. 

1,516 mass shootings in 1,735 days

The United States is the world leader in gun ownership suffering mass shootings at more than 11 times the rate of any other developed country as published in the International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences in 2014.

The US last enacted major legislation on guns was with President Bill Clinton's 1994 assault weapons ban, which expired quickly in 2004. Gun ownership advocates and gun control proponents disagreed on the ban and it's implications - usint the sam old 1997 Department of Justice study to back up their beliefs. 

 A protester wearing a pistol on his hip stands near the location where a car plowed into a crowd of protestors marching through a downtown shopping district August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. (gettyimages)

88 guns for every 100 people

According to the annual crime survey from the UN office of Drugs and Crime, in the US has been the highest number of gun owners in the world, followed by Yemen where 54.8 per 100 people have guns. 

Upto 50% of guns are owned by Americans

Yes! That's right, the nation has 50% of civilian-owned guns worldwide. According to the Small Arms Survey from 2007 the United States is home to an approximate of 35-50% of the world's civiilian-owned guns.

Protesters fighting against liberal gun laws (getty images)

Guns in the nation are mostly used for suicide purposes

More than 30,000 Americans are killed with guns each year and from this number 2/3rds of the deaths are suicides caused by guns. 

More than 100,000 people are shot each year

The journal Health Affairs studied to find that 1000,000 people deaths are caused each year by firing of guns by a second person in the United States 

Here are some more numbers that relate to shocking gun-ownership statistics

people protest as they mourn their deaths of loved ones after the Vegas shootings. (gettyimages)

25 - Every American is "25 times more likely to be murdered with a gun than people in other developed countries" as studied by Gun Control advocates.

70% - In accordance with FBI statistics, 70% of gun murders in the United States involve the use of a handgun as a weapon

71% - The increase in number of handguns owned by nationals of the United States since 1994

73% - The percentage of proportion of fire-arm murders in United States among all other murders in the world in 2016 - the highest ever on record - as calculated and studied by FBI statistics

38% - The increase in total number of any kind of gun owned in the United States since 1994

3% - The proportion of people who own half of the country's guns - as reciprocated by an estimated 7.7 million Americans own who own between 8 - 140 guns 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - DECEMBER 17: Surrendered firearms sit on a table during a gun buyback event on December 17, 2016 in San Francisco, California. (gettyimages)

400,000 - The number of stolen guns in the United States - per year - as studied by a currently unpublished Harvard/Northeastern survey result summary. The National Crime Victimization Survey surved the same case and were able to account for 230,000 stolen guns per year.

$1m+ - One doctor spent $1+ million to fund gun violenece prevention research after being pressured politically by the National Rifle Associaton which was targeted towards federal funding for public health research on guns. 

$2.8bn - Total amount of money spent annually in hospitals around the country to treat victim shot by guns. If lost wages and hospital expenses were to be considered together - the annual cost would rise up to $45bn.

127 - Number of US cities and towns - that are accountable for half of America's gun homicides in 2015 as analysed graphically by the Guardian.

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