16-year-old Cornwall schoolgirl and BGT hopeful killed herself after relentless online bullying, claims family

Trixie Hart deleted her social media accounts so she could get away from the bullying but it only made her more anxious about what people were saying about her, says grandmother

                            16-year-old Cornwall schoolgirl and BGT hopeful killed herself after relentless online bullying, claims family

A 16-year-old schoolgirl and 'Britain's Got Talent' hopeful killed herself after she was the target of vicious online bullying by teenagers, as well as their parents. Trixie Hart, from Cornwall, was already diagnosed with mental health problems such as ADHD, a personality disorder, and anxiety. The relentless hounding she received on social media would eventually result in her taking the drastic step of ending her life.

According to Daily Mail, Trixie killed herself at her home in September after waiting for her mother to leave for work. Her grandmother, April Gunn, did not mince words when it came to who she blamed for the 16-year-old's death. "She [Trixie] was horribly misunderstood, and subjected to bullying online. This was not just from children but also from their parents saying horrible things about her," she said.

She continued, "People called her a slag and told her she was ugly. She had an amazing singing voice and I think there was jealousy about that. It was relentless. It wasn't just bullying, it contributed to an already anxious girl."

The teen would eventually delete her social media accounts, but it would do little to help with her anxiety. Instead, Gunn says it made her granddaughter even more anxious because she did not know what people were now saying about her and said she walked in on Trixie looking at the screen and sobbing.

"It is so easy for a gaggle of girls to sit doing this, making these nasty comments, feeling almost that it isn't real because they can't see the tears that have been prompted by the spiteful remarks," she said. "Trixie took everything to heart right from the start really, she always did. I think her intensity and her anxieties were very difficult for her peers to comprehend."

The teen had self-harmed on numerous occasions, a tendency that reportedly began when she was just 12, and had also overdosed a number of times in the past. However, Gunn says in the days leading up the suicide, her granddaughter seemed to be quite happy.

She said that a week prior, she had gone shopping with Trixie for "the hippie clothes she loved" and a day or two before, the 16-year-old had pleaded with her to go to the supermarket to purchase fake eyelashes so she could go to a party. But on the afternoon of September 20, the teen's mother and partner would find Trixie dead when they returned home from work.

"She must have planned it," Gunn revealed. "That morning, my daughter went off to work. Trixie got up. She showered, dressed, put her makeup on, then killed herself, with no indication to any of us that that was her intent. But that must have been her intent because it was so well orchestrated."

The grandmother said the family "tried everything" and can now only hope that the teen has found peace. "We are sad for us, and we were very sad for her but we were sad for her when she was alive because we felt her pain," she said. "A little bit of us has to feel that she doesn't have to feel that anymore. That she has found some peace."

A full inquest is scheduled to be held at a later date to explore all the circumstances around her death.

Those in need of confidential support can contact the Samaritans on 116123 or visit a local Samaritans branch, the details for which can be found at Samaritans.org.