The 15 hottest footballers to feast your eyes on at the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia

The 15 hottest footballers to feast your eyes on at the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia
Cristiano Ronaldo (Source:Getty Images)

Football fever is raging and all the 32 participating countries have announced their 23-man squads, who are geared to kick the ball, perhaps raise the trophy and make it to our crush list.

All the 736 players will head to the host country, Russia, and kick-off the 21st edition of World Cup on June 14, with Russia facing Saudi Arabia in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium. The month-long sporting fest celebrated all around the world will witness one winner but we have selected 15 men, who will grace about 12 Russian cities to render the best goals and passes for the team.

Here are the fit football athletes to look forward to this summer, not only because they are one of the very few selected from their home country, but also because they can make you drool on and off the field.

1. Gerard Pique

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Okay, we know he is off the market, married to one of the most famous pop stars in the world but that doesn't mean we cannot just check him out and see him render the beautiful game of football as beautifully as his fine structure. The 31-year-old 6'4'' framed handsome has been mistaken for Hollywood hunk Liam Hemsworth, but he is legit handsome in his own rights. Shakira was smitten, so are we.

Country: Spain

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Is there any hot footballers list without this name? An icon by his own rights, Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to be the most fashionable football player currently taking over the world. With huge fan following and multiple brands endorsing him, he has been raised to the status of perfection. Cristiano does not shy away from showing off his well-toned body and athletic muscles to millions of followers and he also ensures he dates the finest looking women around.

Country: Portugal

3. Neymar Jr

Recall 2014's FIFA and refresh people drooling over Neymar's good looks despite his country's underperformance. In fact, Neymar has been causing waves with his good looks ever since he was a teenager prior to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The 26-year-old is particularly famous for experimenting with the coolest hairstyles and his signature 'Mohawk' is called 'Neymar cut' and the trend has been alive.

Country: Brazil

4. Lionel Messi

Arguably the best soccer player in the world, he strides sharply with the ball on the field and at the same time keeps his sense of style as sharp, when off the field. With a large fan base distributed globally, his clever football techniques paired with a charismatic smile has led to the formation of many memes that is forwarded on social media to pass on virtual hearts. 

Country: Argentina

5. Olivier Giroud

David Beckham may be one of the most good-looking players of all times but Giroud has been labeled as the 'French Beckham' for his impeccable sense of style and posh. The 6'4'' Arsenal striker has already made headlines with his good looks when he won the accolade of being the Premier League's most attractive player in 2015. 

Country: France

6. Keisuke Honda

Nicknamed as 'Emperor Keisuke,' he is known for his signature blonde spiky hair do. When he is not showing off his dribbling and free-kick skills on the field, he is donning the trendiest of casual wears. His snappy dressing sense has not gone unnoticed by the fans, who hail him as an alternative pop star, if he was not a world class football player. 

Country: Japan

7. Granit Xhaka

The 25-year-old Swiss footballer has enchanted the world with his efficient leadership skills and charismatic looks. When he started his career as a teenager he was often referred to as the 'young Einstein' because he was fond of science. At the age of 23, he became the third most expensive Arsenal player and ever since, he has been with the club, kicking the ball and spreading his coolness in and out of the field with neat hairstyles.

Country: Switzerland

8. Isco

The handsome bearded 26-year-old Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez, commonly known as Isco, was signed by Real Madrid for $30 million in 2013. In 2017, he rose to a sudden fame after hammering Italy with 3-0 and establishing himself as one of the best midfielders in the world. He has been excelling in the field and he was trending on Twitter after his FIFA performance.

Country: Spain

9. Thibaut Courtois

The 26-year-old Belgian goalkeeper has not necessarily been in the good books of the media lately. He has been slammed as an inefficient Chelsea goalkeeper, but he has sailed through those hard moments and is trying to get his best foot and face forward. Despite the backlash he received after confessing his heart was with Madrid, he still has loyal fan followers, who see beyond just his good looks.

Country: Belgium

10. James Rodriguez

The highest goal scorer of FIFA World Cup 2014 was the 26-year-old James Rodriguez. He spiraled to fame, not only because of his skills but because he is one of the most handsome players. Rodriguez also commanded the world’s attention when Colombia beat Uruguay in FIFA 2014, securing an award for the best goal of the year.

Country: Colombia

11. Fabian Schär

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If fairy tales had a prince who dribbled football then it would star Fabian Schar. The Swiss footballer looks royally handsome even on the field and off. His pictures on Instagram are near to perfection and can be easily confused with a fashion blogger. He dons monochromes and smiles candidly showing his neat polished teeth. His strong jaws can cut diamonds. Period.

Country: Switzerland

12. Jo Hyeon-woo

Despite South Korea's defeat with Sweden on June 18, the goalkeeper Jo Hyeon-woo made an impressive debut and his point-blank range save from Marcus Berg was etched in history. However, the Twitteratti was not only talking about how well he served his country but also his muscular frame and dyed brown mohawk hair. With the world smitten by BTS craze and Korean boy band squad, Woo established that South Korean men are hot and skilled in all that they do. His wide smile squinting his eyes is the next hot Gif we will be seeing, bonus if he goes shirtless.

Country: South Korea

13. Kim Shin-wook

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Another South Korean player who has got us smitten is Kim Shin-Wook, the striker player who is actually cool by default because of his position. His six-foot-six height works in his favor and yup, he's got that good-looking Korean face, sweet, tan and dimpled.

Country: South Korea

14. Filip Kostić

Not quite sure how Serbia ranks in football but when it comes to its players, Filip Kostic tops the list of hottest footballers around. He's got those chiseled jaws, dimpled cheek, dark eyes and a fine structure. The 25-year-old is a left striker but our hearts know we would swipe right.

Country: Serbia

15. Iran team

It wouldn't serve humanity right to pick one and only one good-looking player from Iran, so here's the official picture of the team, where it has been established, beyond any doubt, that they are the most handsome bunch of players in FIFA 2018.

But to be fair, let's handpick Morteza Pouraliganji and Ramin Rezaeian, who, with smoldering gaze at the pitch, got our hearts thirsting and we sure wouldn't mind seeing them on the silver screen.

Country: Iran